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How to get a fake FOM University official transcript online

FOM University transcript
FOM University transcript

Diplomas issued by FOM University are officially recognized by the German government. Buy FOM University transcript. In 2006, the bachelor’s degree and MBA degree were successfully recognized by FIBAA, one of the highest degree accreditation agencies in Germany. In addition, FOM University was accredited as a university of applied sciences in 2004 by the Wissenschaftsrat German Science Federation, Germany’s highest academic accreditation body.

The school has a strong teaching staff, including not only university professors with rich teaching experience. Order FOM University degree online. But also industrial and business experts with rich management experience and teaching qualifications. Currently, FOM University has hired a total of more than 180 university professors, in addition to more than 800 senior guest lecturers.

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FOM University always adheres to the teaching model that combines theory and practice. Fake transcript online. Through modern teaching facilities and teaching by teachers with rich business management experience, students can not only learn professional knowledge in depth, but also improve practical skills such as presentation skills, teamwork, and time management. Most of FOM university seminars use new multimedia technologies, such as campus networks.

The setting of practical subjects is the main advantage of the school. Through on-campus studies, students not only improve soft skills such as presentation skills, teamwork, and time management, but also learn professional knowledge that can be directly applied to daily work. In addition, students benefit from networking with fellow students and graduates who are professionals. Many well-known companies such as Siemens, Bertelsmann Media Group, Bayer Pharma, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, etc. have combined FOM University teaching with their senior employee training programs. Precisely because many current students are already managers in the industry, this has established a good and close relationship between FOM University and the corporate world.

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