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Where to purchase a realistic IHK Berlin diploma certificate online

IHK Berlin diploma
IHK Berlin diploma

Die IHK Berlin (Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Berlin) hat den gesetzlichen Auftrag. Als Selbstverwaltungsorgan der Wirtschaft das Gesamtinteresse aller Gewerbetreibenden im Bundesland Berlin gegenüber Politik und Öffentlichkeit zu vertreten. Order IHK Berlin diploma in Germany.

Die IHK Berlin hat ihren Sitz im Ludwig-Erhard-Haus, das nach Ludwig Erhard, dem ersten Wirtschaftsminister der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, benannt ist. Buy IHK Berlin Urkunde. Das Haus befindet sich in der Fasanenstraße im Bezirk Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf neben dem Theater des Westens zwischen Kurfürstendamm und dem Bahnhof Berlin Zoologischer Garten.

Order IHK Berlin diploma, buy Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Berlin Urkunde

IHK Berlin was founded in 1949, its predecessor was the German Chamber of Commerce established in 1861. Buy Germany degree online. Headquartered in Berlin, it is composed of 80 regional chambers of commerce or chambers of commerce in the country. With a total of more than 3 million member companies.

IHK Berlin is responsible for coordinating the work of more than 120 chambers of commerce or representative offices abroad and providing consulting services to domestic industrial and commercial enterprises in foreign trade, investment and technology transfer. In addition, the main functions of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry also include: expressing the interests and positions of the economic community to the government, parliament, media and the public, and providing constructive opinions and suggestions on related issues; providing training, entrepreneurial consulting, and legal advice to enterprises , foreign economic and trade consulting and technical environmental consulting, etc. to actively support the development of enterprises; complete tasks assigned by the German government, such as regular written reports with statistical data, issue certificates of origin, and assist newly established industrial and commercial enterprises to register with the court.

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