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Buy Nantes Université diploma, order Master degree online

Nantes Université diploma
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The University of Nantes (Universite de Nantes) (founded in 1460) was once closed during the French Revolution. Order Université de Nantes degree online. In 1960, the new University of Nantes was established. The University of Nantes is a vibrant university, and its education and research centers provide talents in all aspects to its surrounding areas.

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In 40 years, it has developed into one of the largest comprehensive universities in France with 16 teaching units, 34,000 students and 1,500 teachers. Buy Université de Nantes Licence. The school’s main majors are medicine, law, natural sciences, science and technology, and literature. Over the years, the University of Nantes has exchanged and cooperated with universities around the world and accepted 2,000 international students from 90 countries.

The University of Nantes has signed more than 150 contracts of various types with regional, national and international partners. Buy degree in France. Since 1992, it has registered nearly 40 patents and incubated more than 20 high-tech enterprises from various laboratories. The school’s five doctoral graduate schools have a total of 1,200 doctoral students. Doctoral students participate in basic and applied research and defend more than 200 doctoral dissertations each year.

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