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Order Technische Universität Hamburg diploma, buy TUHH degree

Technische Universität Hamburg diploma
Technische Universität Hamburg diploma

The Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) is one of Germany’s newest universities, founded in 1982 in Harburg, south of Hamburg. Buy Technische Universität Hamburg degree online. Its history dates back to the 1920s, when plans were made to build a technical university in Hamburg’s Sudlerberg district. However, it was not until 1978 that the Hamburg University of Technology was founded.

The main courses at TUHH are in engineering, with practical degrees available from classic engineering fields such as civil and environmental engineering, to newer fields such as process and bioprocess engineering. Order Technische Universität Hamburg Urkunde online. Other courses offered include Technical Mathematics, Logistics and Mobility.

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The original campus buildings were located in the south of Hamburg, but have been gradually extended to the north. In such an important industrial port, students draw on the many connections with influential businesses and companies. Buy German urkunde online. Teaching and research are conducted separately. The double degree program is offered jointly with Northern Institute of Technology (NIT), a private business school in Hamburg, where students study for a master’s degree in engineering and at NIT an MBA or a master’s degree in technology management.

The MBA program is taught in English and includes soft skills, legal and foreign language training. The center’s research and innovation focuses on three areas: green technologies, focusing on renewable energy; life sciences technologies, focusing on social issues in medical and medical technologies; and aviation and maritime systems, exploring aviation and marine technologies.

In 2013, TUHH established the Graduate School of Technology and Innovation to support early-stage researchers. Some courses are in English, and preparatory German courses are offered to people who speak German as a second language at the beginning of the course.

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