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Order Universität Basel diploma, buy BA degree in Swiss

Universität Basel diploma
Where to purchase a realistic Universität Basel diploma certificate online

The University of Basel, the oldest university in Switzerland, was founded in 1460. It is a comprehensive university with a full range of specialties, especially in the fields of culture and life research. Buy Universität Basel degree. And its biochemistry department is a world leader. Tadeus Reichstein, a chemist who taught at the University of Basel, discovered vitamin C in 1933 and won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1950. In 1978, microbiologist Werner Arber received the same honor.

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Universität Basel has seven faculties: the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine. Order Universität Basel certificate. The Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Business and Economics, and the Faculty of Psychology.

University Hospital of Basel The University of Basel provides higher education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, awarding a variety of degrees. Where to purchase a IMI Switzerland diploma in 2024. The undergraduate majors offered by the University of Basel include theology, law, medicine, nursing, sports, East European studies, archaeology, foreign languages ​​and literature, history, art history, Islamic studies, philosophy, music, East European culture, chemistry, biology, sociology, computer science, physics, mathematics, psychology, etc.; graduate majors include European studies, humanities, nursing, law, dentistry, African studies, sports, languages ​​and communication, history, Jewish studies/Semitic languages, Islamic studies, etc.

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