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Buy Universität Hamburg diploma, order Master Urkunde online

Universität Hamburg diploma
Universität Hamburg diploma

University of Hamburg (Universität Hamburg), founded in 1919, is located in Hamburg, Germany. Order Universität Hamburg Urkunde online. It is a comprehensive university and the largest academic research and education center in northern Germany.

The University of Hamburg is one of the youngest universities in Germany. Buy Universität Hamburg degree online. Its main campus is located in the central district of Rotherbaum, and 180 affiliated institutions and research centers are scattered throughout the city. Its history can be traced back to the “Akademischen Gymnasium” established in 1613. The “Hamburg Science Foundation” and “Colonial Institute” established in 1907 and 1908 respectively have also become important milestones of the University of Hamburg.

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According to the official website in December 2023, the University of Hamburg has 8 colleges including Law School. Buy German Urkunde online. School of Economics and Social Sciences, School of Medicine, and School of Education. There are 27 departments under the college, more than 170 majors, and 2,032 faculty members. Some of the advantageous majors include linguistics, anatomy and physiology, geophysics, physics, geology, etc. As of June 2022, it has 4 elite clusters, 17 cooperative research centers, 20 academic centers, 8 affiliated institutions, etc.

The University of Hamburg ranks 149th in the world and 7th in Germany in the 2023 USNews World University Rankings; ranks 136th in the 2024 Times World University Rankings; and ranks 205th in the 2024 QS World University Rankings.

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