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Buy Universität Hohenheim diploma, order Master Urkunde online

Universität Hohenheim diploma
Universität Hohenheim diploma

The University of Hohenheim is the only oldest existing higher education institution in Stuttgart. Order Universität Hohenheim degree online. The school’s key teaching directions are mainly agricultural sciences, natural sciences and modern economic sciences. The main teaching place, the Old Castle of Hohenheim. It is one of the few historical relics that has completely “survived” after experiencing the bombardment of World War II.

In 1818 AD, Kaiser Wilhelm I appointed his wife Katharina to transform and repair the still-idle Hohenheim Castle, with the purpose of making it an education center for learning, training and mastering agricultural science knowledge and technology. Institution; so that it can complete the continuous development and enhancement of agricultural scientific productivity, thereby overcoming the country’s land famine and other disasters. Buy Order Universität Hohenheim Urkunde in Germany.

In 1904, the German Ministry of Education upgraded the school’s qualifications and officially became the National Agricultural College. Later, in 1967, it was upgraded again to become the University of Hohenheim.

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The main campus of the university is mainly concentrated in the Plingnegen district, and most of the key teaching units of the university are located in the old castle of Hohenheim. Buy German Urkunde online. The Department of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Hohenheim is well-known throughout Germany and enjoys a high reputation among similar universities around the world. It is a member of the European Association for the Basics of Life and Natural Sciences; not only that, the Department of Economic Sciences at the University of Hohenheim also makes it famous. Rong, the school’s economics major has always been at the top of the German university rankings.

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