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I am looking for a Universität Würzburg transcript online

Universität Würzburg transcript
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The University of Würzburg is one of the oldest universities in Germany, with a history of 600 years. The original University of Würzburg paid great attention to the development of natural sciences. Order Universität Würzburg Zeugnis online. The first old university building established three major departments: theology, law, and medicine. The school provides students with majors in medicine, natural sciences, economics, history and other disciplines.

In 1895, German physicist Röntgen discovered X-rays at the University of Würzburg, for which he became the first person to win the Nobel Prize in Physics. Secondly, there are eight Nobel Prize winners who went to the world from the University of Würzburg. Buy University of Würzburg diploma online. The peak of the University of Würzburg appeared in modern times, with the emergence of more than ten Nobel Prize winners such as Röntgen and Fischer.

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As a traditional comprehensive university, the basic sciences of the University of Würzburg have developed very well. The Department of Biology and the Department of Medicine are the two most outstanding departments of the University of Würzburg. The Biology Center of the Department of Biology and the hospital of the Department of Medicine are all in Germany is one of the best. The Department of Physics and Chemistry are also among the best in Germany, relying on the achievements of their predecessors such as Roentgen. In addition, according to the recent rankings of various magazines, the Department of Psychology and the Department of German are also among the best.

The college settings of the University of Würzburg: Catholic Theological Seminary, Law School, Medical College. Philosophy School (Ancient Rome, Culture), Philosophy School (Language, History, Art History). Philosophy School (Philosophy, Education, Social Sciences) , School of Biology. Fake transcript online. School of Chemistry and Pharmacy, School of Earth Sciences, School of Mathematics, School of Physics and Astronomy, School of Economics, School of Medical Technology, School of Physical Rehabilitation, School of Nursing, School of Child Health, School of Physical Therapy, School of Obstetrics

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