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Order Université d’Artois diploma, buy Université Licence in France

Université d'Artois diploma
Fake Université d’Artois diploma, obtain University of Artois degree online

The University of Artois, announced by the decree of November 7, 1991. Buy University of Artois degree online. It is a multi-campus comprehensive university, including four branches: Arras, Bethune, Douai, Lens/ Lens/LiEvin.

Number of students at the University of Artois: 11,108, number of teachers: 518. Order Université d’Artois licence in France. The main disciplines of the University of Artois: Arras branch: humanities and social sciences, literature, art and languages. Betina Branch: Economics and Management Sciences, Secondary Industry Technology and Applied Sciences. -Douai Campus: Law and Political Sciences. Lens branch: Institute of Technology of the Tertiary University (IUT). Lieven Campus: Science and Technology in Sports and Exercise.

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The University of Artois has a total of 22 research centers in various branches, of which 3 are formal cooperative units of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and 13 are cooperative reception research groups. Buy French degree online. In order to develop scientific research and promote scientific research results, the University of Artois decided to establish its own publishing house – Artois University Press in 1994; currently the publishing house has 6 series of books.

The main goal of the International Relations Office of the University of Artois is to improve the quality of students’ training and their professional integration through their international mobility experience. To this end, the school has developed an inter-school cooperation network with universities in EU countries, Central and Eastern European countries, North America (the United States and Canada), China in Asia, and Tunisia, Morocco and Cameroon in Africa.

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