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Buy Université de Tours diploma, order Licence in France

Université de Tours diploma
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The University of Tours is a multidisciplinary university offering a wide range of educational courses and research. Order Université François Rabelais degree online. More than 50 subject majors ranging from traditional subjects to vocational and cutting-edge technical education courses are concentrated in 7 department-level teaching and research units (UFR) (including: Arts and Humanities, Renaissance Center for Advanced Studies, Law-Social Sciences and Economics, Literature and languages, medicine, pharmacy, science and technology), 2 engineering colleges (production, production science, computer informatics, planning and management) and 2 university technical institutes (IUT).

The University of Tours has a total of 43 research teams and institutions. Order Université de Tours degree in France. 16 of which are large research institutions – the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM). The National Agricultural Research Institute (INRA) and the French Atomic Energy Agency (CEA) – cooperative units.

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The school’s major scientific research activities are concentrated in two doctoral schools corresponding to the two major research fields. Namely health, science and technology (including 2 themes: basic science, materials science and engineering science – biology – medical health). Buy degree in France. Human and social sciences (including 4 themes: people, cities and regions; Renaissance culture; law, European, political and management sciences; art, literature, language and civilization).

Nearly 110 doctoral theses are defended every year. The University of Tours has a French Teaching Center for Foreign Students (CUEFEE), which provides full-time French language and culture courses for 1 or 2 university semesters. The school implements a twinning system to bring foreign students into contact with Université François Rabelais students. The school can provide housing services for foreign students who are part of inter-school agreement exchanges.

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