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Order Université Lille 1 diploma, buy Licence in France

Université Lille 1 diploma
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Université de Lille1 (SciencesetTechnologies) is one of the largest universities in France, with 8 teaching units, 3 engineering colleges and 3 vocational education colleges, a total of 23,000 students, 1,200 teachers, and an area of ​​110 hectares. Order Université Lille 1 : Sciences et Technologies degree. The university’s science and engineering disciplines have an important position in France, and its scale is also among the best in France. The school attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and has cooperative relations with more than 250 universities around the world, with more than 800 student exchange places each year.

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Lille 1 University has 8 teaching and research units (UFR), 4 colleges and 1 department, namely: Biology Teaching and Research Unit; Chemistry Teaching and Research Unit. Geography and Regional Management Teaching and Research Unit; Electronic Informatics and Automation Electronic Technology Teaching and Research Unit (IEEA). Mathematics Teaching and Research Unit; Physics Teaching and Research Unit; Earth Science Teaching and Research Unit. Buy Université Lille 1 licence in France. Economic and Social Science Teaching and Research Unit; Economics Continuing Education Center (CUEEP); Business Administration Institute (IAE). University Institute of Technology (IUT); Lille Polytechnic Institute; Wimereux Marine Observatory.

Specific majors include: dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, economics and management, materials science. Earth science, life science, geography, sociology, industrial economics, business management. Technology and management, biochemistry, cytology, organic biology, ecosystem, chemistry. Buy degree in France. Computer, mathematics, mechanics, physics, geology, geobiology, hygiene, history, education. Energy electronics, industrial automation, microelectronics, telecommunications, civil engineering, electronic machinery. Mechanical technology, mechanical engineering conception, mechanical engineering manufacturing, etc.

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