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Order Yale-NUS College diploma, buy bachelor degree online

Yale-NUS College diploma
Yale-NUS College diploma

Yale-NUS College is the first liberal arts college in Singapore and the first college developed overseas by Yale University in the United States in its more than 300 years of existence, making it the first school in Asia to be named an Ivy League school.

Yale-NUS College is a four-year residential college. The school has 14 majors, namely anthropology, arts and humanitie. Buy Yale-NUS College diploma online. Economics, environmental studies, international affairs, history, life sciences, literature, mathematics, computer and statistics, philosophy, political and economic philosophy (PPE), physics, psychology studies, and urban studies majors.

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Currently, about 50% of the students on campus are Singaporean students, and the remaining 50% are international students. Order Yale-NUS College degree online. The teacher-student ratio is approximately 1:8, and the average class size is 18-20 students.

The school provides generous scholarship and bursary support, as well as abundant extracurricular resources. Fake Singaporean degree online.

Yale-NUS College offers a unique Week 7 project. In the first year of the university, professors will lead students to study different topics on the spot around the world and learn in practice.

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